Dental Sealants in SE Calgary

Dental Sealants in SE Calgary

Dental Sealants Near You

Dental Sealants in SE Calgary

Dental sealants are an excellent preventative measure. They are placed on the hard to reach grooves of your molars and premolars to prevent cavities. This creates a smoother surface to brush and prevents excess food particles from getting trapped. At Destination Dental, we offer dental sealants in SE Calgary to help prevent cavities from developing.

Dental Sealants at Destination Dental

Our dental professionals will carefully clean and prepare the teeth for sealant application. A thin layer of dental sealant material is then applied to the grooves and pits of the back teeth, forming a protective shield.

Before applying sealants, our dental team will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth to assess their condition and determine if sealants are suitable for you. We take into account your dental history and specific needs to provide personalized recommendations.

When are Dental Sealants Necessary?

Typically, dental sealants are recommended for younger children and teenagers who have difficulties thoroughly brushing their teeth. The sealants can be applied when the first molars erupt or during their cavity-prone years. Sealants can also be placed on baby teeth if your child is prone to cavities or has deep grooves on their teeth.

However, adults can benefit from receiving dental sealants as well. If you are more prone to cavities or have difficulties brushing, our dentist may recommend receiving dental sealants near you in Inglewood as a protective measure.

If you’re interested in receiving dental sealants near you, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

We prioritize preventive dentistry to help our patients maintain optimal oral health. Dental sealants are an effective preventive measure that can save you from future dental problems and potential costly treatments.

Our dental professionals have extensive experience in applying dental sealants. We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements to ensure the highest level of care for our patients.

We understand that some patients may feel anxious about dental treatments. Our dental team creates a calm and comfortable environment, ensuring a gentle and painless dental sealant application process.
We take an individualized approach to dental care. Our dental team evaluates your oral health, identifies areas prone to decay, and provides tailored sealant treatment plans to address your specific needs.
We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge about proper oral hygiene practices and preventive measures. Our dental team will provide you with valuable information on how to maintain the longevity of your dental sealants and ensure excellent oral health.

The Process of Receiving Dental Sealants

If you’re looking to receive dental sealants in SE Calgary, the process is very quick and non-invasive. It will only take a few minutes to complete a sealant.

  • We will first thoroughly clean your tooth and place cotton balls to keep your tooth dry.
  • Then, we will apply a solution to help the sealant bond better to your tooth.
  • After the solution is rinsed and dried, we will apply the sealant to your tooth.
  • The sealant will be hardened with a light or on its own, depending on the type of solution used.

After you have received your dental sealants near you in Inglewood, it’s important to continue practicing good oral hygiene. The sealants are meant to help prevent cavities, which means you still have to thoroughly brush and receive regular dental cleanings and checkups. If you’re interested in receiving dental sealants near you, schedule a consultation with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

While dental sealants are commonly applied to children’s teeth, they can also benefit adults who are prone to tooth decay. Our dental team will assess your specific oral health needs and recommend dental sealants if appropriate.

Dental sealants can last several years with proper care. However, regular dental check-ups are essential to monitor their condition and ensure they are still effective. If needed, we can reapply or repair sealants as necessary.

Dental sealants are usually clear or tooth-colored, making them virtually invisible. They blend in with the natural appearance of your teeth, so they are not easily noticeable.

Dental sealants are typically applied to the back teeth, including molars and premolars. These teeth have deep grooves and pits that are more susceptible to decay. However, our dental team will evaluate your individual case and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you

Many dental insurance plans cover dental sealants, especially for children. However, coverage may vary, so we recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine your specific benefits.

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